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Lori Grace

Embodied Compassionate Communication
Saturday, 7-7:45 pm
Rm 1    Booth 351

Embodied Compassionate Communication (NVC) is a new form which combines training in NVC with bodyawareness work. NVC is a highly effective system of communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg,
Ph.D. Learn how to empathize even more quickly with yourself and others by, first, grounding your energy and then, both listening and communicating anything you each feel and desire in a much more heartfelt,
effective and empowered way. Gifts and free raffle tickets are included in this lecture.

Lori Grace, MA, has been a teacher of Embodied Compassionate Communication (NVC) since 2004. She merges her teaching of NVC with her history in body awareness training to create a powerful new way of
learning NVC.

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