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Kurtis Lee Thomas

Spiritual Super Tools 101
Sunday, 3-3:45 pm
Rm 4    Booth 221

Free gift to the first 11 attendees!Negative energy clouds our

Negative energy clouds our vision/purpose, infects our daily thoughts/emotions and the quality of life. Unfortunately, many people aren’t spiritually educated on the proper way to cleanse/purge and protect themselves from these negative energies. In this lecture you will learn practical solutions on how to: attract positive energy,
block negative energies/EMF’s, create a protection grid (home/office), best spiritual products, crash course on crystals/chakras, proper way to ground/manifest, world’s most powerful prayers/invocations.

Kurtis Lee Thomas is a celebrity mentor, spiritual entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of The World is (y)ours – The Secrets Behind the “The Secret”. Kurtis specializes in helping people awaken to their higher purpose.

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