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Yury Kronn, Ph.D.

Quest for the Energy Medicine’s New Resources
Saturday, 6-6:45 pm
Rm 1   Booth 443

Using VFT technology, we created subtle energy patterns corresponding to Schuman Resonance frequency and its harmonics. With these patterns, energy formula was developed for counteracting EMF harmful effects.

Precise copies of cannabinoids subtle energy patterns were produced. Combining energies from different cannabinoids allows us to get benefits of CBD/THC, free from the psychedelic effects. This new formula was created as having no trace of cannabis but works exclusively and effectively as a pain reliever and inflammation suppressor.

Dr. Kronn has a Ph.D. in quantum radio-physicist from Moscow Lebedev Institute of Physics. He has researched Subtle Energy physics for the past 30 years and is the creator of Vital Force Technology.

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