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Gerry Snelling

New Rules of the Heart and New Rules of the Brain
Saturday, 5-5:45 pm
Rm 4    Booth 314

When it comes to protecting your most critical organs, new science is making old advice obsolete! There are new guidelines on cholesterol, weight, dietary fat, exercise, blood pressure, statin and aspirin use,
and memory loss. Find out how to keep heart and brain healthy by controlling inflammation, the common factor in ALL health problems. Use lifestyle to create optimum health along with the latest developments in nutraceuticals for the heart and nootropics for the brain.

Gerry Snelling D.C., has been a chiropractic doctor since 1981. He has a diploma in Body Integration Systems, is a Master Applied Kinesiologist, has taught the Zone Diet with Dr. Barry Sears, and is certified in the 6 Steps of Wellness.

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