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Gail Thackray

Spiritual Healers Around the World
Friday,8-8:45 pm
Rm 2    Booth 502

Gail shares her experiences with John of God in Brazil, the Filipino Psychic Surgeons, Ketut in Bali and other amazing spiritual healers. Gail will be demonstrating healing on audience volunteers but many people report miraculous healing just from attending Gail’s events. Gail is a medical intuitive, and also a psychic, able to pass messages from loved ones on the other-side. *All attendees receive a free small blessed crystal*

Gail Thackray is an exceptional medium with a tremendous connection to spirit. At Gail’s healing demonstrations people report they were cured of cancer, and blood diseases! She is the author of Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God and 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance.

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