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Dennis McNally & Susana Millman

Featured Lecturer
Alive with the Dead / A Fly with Camera
Sunday, 4-4:45 pm    Rm 1

From Susana Millman: After becoming a friend of Jerry Garcia – he’d later walk me down the aisle when I married the Grateful Dead’s publicist, Dennis McNally – I became interested in documenting the Dead, their staff and their inner circle. With unique access, I was able to do just that, so my book is intimate and focused on
events offstage. My presentation will include a Q & A with Dennis, sharing our stories with the band that has lots of laughs, and a few tears.

Author and photographer Susana Millman appears with Grateful Dead publicist Dennis McNally. “I took up photography to document my travels in Asia as a clothing importer. When I became close to the Dead, I decided to document that aspect of my life, and my memoir is the result.”

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