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Deborah King


Free Workshop
Meet the Master Healer – Get Activated Now
Friday, 7-8:30 pm
Rm 5   Booth 215

Do you wish you could transform your life? You can! Let master healer, spiritual teacher, and NYT best-selling author Deborah King show you how! She turned her own life around and now she’s ready to hand you the keys to your life. In this workshop, get ready to meet your guides, explore and release past lives, and allow the restructuring of your DNA. You will experience instantaneous healing of your body while tapping into a higher vibrational frequency and activating your chakras. Deborah’s healing energy will leave you transformed and holding the tools to raise your consciousness to even higher levels!Deborah King is an energy healer, spiritual

Deborah King is an energy healer, spiritual teacher and NYT best-selling author who is transforming the lives of thousands through her personal appearances, radio shows and video courses. Don’t miss her Post Conference Workshop Monday 9-1pm.

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