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David Christopher Lewis

Heartstreaming! Self-Realization! Ascension!
Saturday, 4-4:45 pm
Rm 3    Booth 330

Be part of the experience! Feel the transcendent frequencies of Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, and Afra, and discover the magic of heartstreaming! Saint Germain will over shine David in a group heartstream for you and the Earth, and access your own heart’s streaming unified love-field. El Morya will clear your aura. Master Afra’s message will quicken your soul’s rise to Self-Realization. Ask the masters your question. Receive a wave blessing to accelerate your ascension.David Christopher Lewis,

David Christopher Lewis, gifted clairaudient author, received the mantle of Divine Physician in a new cycle of healing grace sponsored by the Holy Spirit. David co-founded The Hearts Center Community, Meru University and Paradise Permaculture.

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