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Bret Lueder

Tales of a Heavy Heart: A Preview
Sunday, 12-12:45 pm
Rm 2    Booth 248

In this talk, Lueder will unveil Volume II of his Esoteric Guide to the Reggae Vibe trilogy titled, Tales of a Heavy Heart: UFO’s, Magic and Impending Doom. Within the current global struggle for the control of human consciousness, Roots Reggae Rastas show the way back to source, explaining in one fell swoop the connections to UFO’s, the protocols of consciousness and the spiritual growth humanity must face, if it is to survive itself.

Bret Lueder is a freelance journalist, author and seeker of truth. Exploring consciousness in all of its aspects, Lueder has written roughly 700 articles across 16 periodicals including Magical Blend, UFO Magazine, Phenomena Magazine and Paranoia Magazine.

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