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Bernd Friedlander

Promoting Your Life Span and Quality of Life
Sunday, 5-5:45 pm    Rm 1

Reducing inflammation, stress, and oxidative damage while improving mitochondrial function provides cells the energy and ability to repair themselves. By supporting the thyroid and the immune system while increasing your metabolism, you can avoid the diseases associated with aging. By utilizing non-inflammatory proteins such as collagen and right fats, and by reducing polyunsaturated you can reduce cell damage and extend your life span. The right types of foods, supplements and exercise promote ‘autophagy’ – the removal of junk cells and sugar – to enhance brain function and reduce inflammation.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander DC, is a researcher in preventive medicine, light and magnetic therapies, and product developer to physicians and elite athletes. He is also a sports Chiropractor to professional football, basketball, and track and field athletes. Team Chiropractor for the 1984 Olympics.

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