Anti-Aging: Ozone, Cell Phone Hazards, Light Therapy and Life Extension Panel

Saturday, 1-2:30 pm Rm 7

The use of Ozone in dentistry, its application and health benefits and the science and uses of ozonated oils both topically and in the intestine is discussed, as well as the FDA’s attitude towards ozone therapy. Research and clinical applications in light therapy for a wide range of conditions: cervical and lumbar disc degeneration, neuropathy, pain and headaches. There are amazing applications for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and brain injuries. There are thousands of published papers from around the world and films made on the hazards and health problems of cell phones, new cars and WiFi which cause cancer, neurological conditions, headaches and potential cardiovascular health risks. Both animal and human studies have shown that maintaining a highly oxidative state (high metabolism) increases life span and reduces the diseases of aging. Raising the oxidation (NAD+) to reduction (NADH) promotes energy, regeneration and treats many health conditions this along with supplements, right diet and exercise and reducing stress all work together tremendously.