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Post Conference Speakers Schedule

Deborah King
9 – 1 pm     Rm 4
Location: San Mateo Event Center
This workshop experience can be yours for just $89
Learn Energy Healing from the Master Healer!

Attend Deborah’s post-conference workshop and expence powerful teachings and techniques you can use to clear away past trauma and create the life you’ve always wanted… faster than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re an advanced practitioner or you’re brand-new to the world of energy healing, you will find the answers and guidance that you seek on topics including: energetic clearing, chakra work, meditation, spiritual initiations, and so much more.

Deborah King IS Energy Healing! Energy healer, spiritual teacher and NYT best-selling author, Deborah King transforms the lives of thousands through her personal appearances, radio shows and video courses. “I have seen people stand in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah.” Louise Hay, NYT best-selling author of the book You Can Heal Your Life.
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Gail Thackray
Location Pullman Hotel
223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA
$80 Advance / $100 at door
5 -10 pm     Salon 1
Calculate Trauma Dates to Heal Yourself and Others

Learn to pinpoint actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first began for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. These events affect us for many lifetimes until we finally absorb the lesson and release the karma. Determining the starting point helps you to understand the origin and receive a permanent release. This workshop is for people already doing healing work as well as total beginners. You will learn to become a medical intuitive and to read energy.

Learn to feel and sense energy blocks and to read the messages that they hold for your client. Then learn to communicate with healing guides to determine when
and how these blocks were first formed. You will be working with a pendulum time line grid and communication cards. For professional psychics and readers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement to become a medical intuitive and receive messages from spirit.
Gail Thackray is an exceptional medium with a tremendous connection to spirit. She is the author of “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God” and “30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance” .
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David Wilcock
at the Post Conference Monday May 1st
Ascension Mastery: Preparing the Way
San Mateo Event Center
6:30-9:30 pm     Rm 5

Is it possible that we are living in a world that is about to be transformed in ways we can barely even imagine? Will we soon learn the truth about paradigm-shattering secrets like the Antarctic Atlantis, the Secret Space Program, inner-earth civilizations and the widespread presence of a host of different extraterrestrial civilizations? Are we going to inherit classified technology that will blast us into the sci-fi age, where everything we thought was fiction turns out to be fact – including star gates, antigravity, free energy and time travel, just to name a few?If there is indeed a DNA-transforming, soul-activating solar flash headed our way, the big question obviously then

If there is indeed a DNA-transforming, soul-activating solar flash headed our way, the big question obviously then becomes, “What about me?” How do you fit into this grand cosmic puzzle? Is there a purpose for your life that goes beyond the material goals we have all been taught to pursue?

Join David in this humorous, heartfelt and profoundly deep examination of the stirrings of the soul that yearn for your
ascension. Learn how to interpret the messages from the universe that are steering you towards this single greatest moment in human history – so you can better prepare yourself for this awesome moment.

David Wilcock is a triple best-selling author, a regular on Ancient Aliens, and the star of three popular shows on the Gaia network. His groundbreaking investigations into ancient civilizations, consciousness science, new physics and conspiracy analysis have earned him the trust of multiple high-level insiders.
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Deborah Graham $39
7-9 pm     Rm 4
Location: San Mateo Event Center
Cleaning Out All The Negativity

Psychic Medium, TV personality Deborah Graham, an intuitive relationship expert
says, “it’s time to clean out the negativity”. Graham wants to bring in a new you and start a  brand new beginning. She will do this by showing you how to clear out the old energy. Whether it’s from this life or a past life, Graham will clear out any karmic debt. She will show you how to open yourself up to a whole new possibility. Join her and ask questions and get answers!All who attend will receive a crystal that will open you up and clear out the negative energy.

All who attend will receive a crystal that will open you up and clear out the negative energy. Deborah Graham is a psychic, having her earliest premonitions at the age of six. These would later manifest as visions. She developed her gifts and learned to understand the meanings of what she could see.
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