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Booth Number(s)Booth Name DescriptionExpanded Description
202Original Design - Creative EncountersUnveil the Masterpiece You Are
208Fuji Cyber RelaxCyber Relax Invites You to a Dream
211Angel Farms Cleanse ProgramCleanse Program/ Tips for Health
212Akashic Record Readings & ClassesAkashic Record Readings & ClassesAkashic readings support and heal your life. Learn about your Soul's plan, clear Karma, contracts or vows from the past and reclaim talents & gifts.
214Magical ReadingsNumerology, Palm & Destiny
216Rainbow of Light Crystal SetLearn Chakra Balancing w/ Crystals
218Caravan of DreamsBooks, Tarot and Crystal Readings
219HOLOS Amulets=Love, Peace & UnityHOLOS Amulets Sculptures & Jewelry
220Sirius: Ascended Masters' MessagesBooks on Ascended Masters' Messages
222Kala Imports Singing BowlsSinging Bowls, Clothing, Crystals
223Kate King JewellerySpiritual Readings, Art, Healing
229WBWC, LLC/Personal Infrared SaunaWBWC, LLC/Personal Infrared Sauna
230Christian Toren Master ClairvoyantMaster Clairvoyant Medium & Medical
231Delectable GardenDelectable Garden
232Light Infusion Healing ChamberEnergetic Light Code Body Infusion
233fixyourachingback.com (dba Kacelia)Free Evaluation and Treatment. No BSSelf treatment system that will relieve pain, reform posture and decompress discs. Don't mask the pain, fix the cause. Feel better in just 10 minutes.
234Creation Lightship HealingEnergetic Light Code Body Infusion
235Indra Rinzler Life ReadingsVedic Astrology/Enneagram AwakeningMy readings provide insights and tools for living free from life's challenges to support your conscious awakening. Using science and intuition, 45 years experience.
242VitaJuwel USA IncGemwater Accessories
243Scalarwave LasersCold Laser Clears Stress & Tension
247Designs Unlimited OrthoticsOrthotics. Shoes. Copper Socks
249Paul MillerAuthor, Guide, Inspiration Art
250Psychic Joseph Martin & Jeannie UlmMaster Psychic Readings & HealingsInternational Author, Award Winning Psychic and TV Host, Joseph Ernest Martin with Psychic and Spiritual Energy Healer Jeannie Ulm, Give Master Psychic Readings
251Kate MillerChanneled Readings & Gemstone Malas
253Everything TibetanTibetan Singing Bowls, Jewelry, etc
254Deborah King Master HealerDeborah King Center
304KEST 1450 RadioKEST 1450 Radio
314Snelling Total WellnessAdvanced Personalized Healthcare
322Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe CreamHawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Cream
323Health Secrets USAAll Natural Health Supplements
329Relationship Navigation, Kimi AvaryTools for a Lifetime of Love
333Belinda Farrell 'Find Your Friggin' Joy'Get Reconnected, Dolphin SeminarsReconnective Healing Sessions (half hour), Feel the joy of expansion and balance. Learn about Hawaiian Huna dolphin seminars for 2018
334Vaishali's Psychic ReadingsLove, Future & Business readings
335doTERRA Wellness AdvocatesdoTERRA Essential Oils
339Mer D'orAnti-Aging Skincare
All Natural
343Christopher Macklin MinistriesDivine HealingChristopher Macklin, born in England, is a Melchizedek being from the Ultimate Dimension who uses divinely channeled healing techniques to heal mind, body and spirit.
344La Vie Wellness in a BottleFresh, Vibrant Wellness Drinks
346New Life EssenceNatural beauty & Health Oil Blends
352PuriumHigh Nutrition Whole Foods- Non GMO
353Happy Science TempleSharpen The Self-Improvement Journey
410Share International MagazineThe World Teacher is Now Here
411Health and Beauty ConnectionWhole Body Vibration Therapy
414Master Sha Tao Healing CenterTao Blessings for All Life
417SebastianPsychic ReaderSebastian is a sensitive who sees and hears beyond the physical world. He's been doing readings for over 25 years throughout California and Nevada.
419Elegant CrystalsQuartz Crystal Balls, Clusters.
423Delgado Protocol for HealthUltimate Anti-aging Protocols
427Essential OxygenPremier Oral Care Products
431InnerCompass ReikiLearn Holy Fire II ReikiLearn Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki from International Reiki Teachers Chellie & Mike Kammermeyer; Senior Teachers With The International Center for Reiki Training
433Laughing GoddessClothing For Comfort and Confidence
442UpYourFrequencySacred Geometry Jewelry
444CBD Natures Rx100% Organic Concentrated CBD
446Spice Pharm IncTry Delicious Turmeric Elixirs & Tea
447Rolfing ? Structural IntegrationRolfing Bodywork
For Lasting Change
452HighChi Energy JewelryJewelry that Protect its Wearer
453Soul CurrentsCrystals, Minerals and Gemstones
503Gorgeous GoddessWearGarments to Bring Out the Goddess!
507Live Pine and Members Group Assoc.Live Pine Wildcrafted Plants & Herbs
509Relax Saunas of Momentum98.comRelax Far Infrared Light Saunas
515Beekeeper's NaturalsSuperfoods From The Hive
523Raw RevelationsNutritionals, Herbs, & a Tonic Bar
526Millennium ProductsEMF Protection
539Aloe Infusion IncOrganic Aloe Based Skin Care
542Coral LLCCoral Calcium - Bone Density Scans
545JP TradingMini Back Massager
546Ayurveda Travel with AyurgamayaHolistic Wellness Focused Travel
548M Solutions / Moringa Light EnergySuperior CBD and Moringa
551Mystic Earth GemsSilver Jewelry, Precious Stones, Rocks
552WaterWorks4U.com Molecular HydrogenHydrogen Alkaline Water GeneratorsWaterworks4u Manufactures: Hydrogen Alkaline Water Generators, Alkaline Hydrogen Water Pitchers, Portable Hydrogen Bottles, Hydrogen Sticks, Non-Electric Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizers, Shower/Bath filters, Whole House Filter
236, 238Aura Vision/Aura PhotosAura Photos & Psychic Interpitation
327, 426Vibes UpVibrational Energy
330, 332Light For Your JourneySpiritual Readings, Art, Healing
437, 439BodysculptSponsor of New Living Expo
536, 538Crystal TonesCrystal Singing Bowls
541, 543Skin Lesions & Cancer SolutionsSpiritual Readings, Art, HealingRisky/Ugly Skin Growths, Moles, Tags, Rough Spots, Blemishes, Tumors? Non-Surgical Removal!! Avoid Risks/Pain, Even Melanoma! FREE Inspection, Instant Treatment. Earliest Diagnosis &Treatment of Many Cancers
517, 519, 521Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.Books for the Body, Mind & SpiritInner Traditions has been publishing books for body, mind and spirit for 42 years. We have over 1500 books in print. Books are 50% off
237, 239, 336, 338Nature DesignsGemstones, Crystals, Fossils, Jewelry

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