Booth NameNumber(s)Description 35 Characters MaxExpanded Booth Description
Akashic Record Readings & Classes212Receive Akashic Readings & Healing
Akashic Revolution326Healing Based on Your Souls JourneyUncover your soul's mysteries through the Akashic Records. Resolve past life trauma and limiting beliefs, gain clarity on your most significant life or spiritual questions.
Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath535Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath
All Things UFO248
Aloe Infusion Inc539All Organic Aloe Based Skin Creams
Amethyst Biomat Therapeutics448Infrared + Ion Healing TechnologyRevolutionary Healing Technology for cellular rejuvenation combining the power of far infrared rays and negative ions conducted through amethyst crystals
Aromatantra (FM's Aromatherapy)Aromatherapy & Chakra Healing OilsAromatherapy rare oils-Rose, Jasmine, Blue, White, Pink Lotus etc. Chakra Healing Oils, Crystals, Wands, Books, Posters, CD's, Aromatherapy, Lymph Drainage & Chakra Healing Workshops /Sessions.
Asian Body Therapy Institute Marin County544Bodywork
Astrology Healing Tarot by Lynette308Readings Healings Clothing Jewelry
Aura Vision/Aura Photos236Aura Photos & Psychic Interpitation
Avatar Compassion Project549
B. Farrell 'Find Your Friggin' Joy'333Get Reconnected, Dolphin Seminars
Barefoot Deep Tissue Bodywork445Awesome Deep Tissue Bodywork
Bazaar Boutique553Candles, Jewelry, Women's Clothes
Billion Venture International318
BodyTools.com319Body Care & Massage Tools
Botanic Organic311Organic Plant-Based Skincare
Caravan of Dreams218Books, Tarot and Crystal ReadingsDream interpretation, vocational counseling, feathered omens, messages from spirit guides, spirit portraits
Christopher Macklin Ministries422Intuitive Divine Healing
Clean Living Collection346Plant-Based & Organic Body Care.
Coral LLC542Global Leaders In Natural Minerals
Creation Lightship Healing234Enjoy a Free Expo Healing Session!
Crystal Tones536Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls
Deborah Graham Psychic Medium254Psychic Readings, Medium
Deborah King Master Healer215Deborah King & Master HealerDeborah King's LifeForce Energy Healing. Join Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer and New York Times best selling author Deborah King for an incredible journey of soul awakening
Delgado Protocol Inc.423Wellness, Anti-Aging, Longevity
Diannes Joy Center332
doTERRA Wellness Advocates335doTERRA Essential Oils
Dr. Christian Toren230Clairvoyant Medium &Medical IntuitCelebrity Clairvoyant Medium Dr. Christian Toren von Lahr specializes in: Finding your Soul-Mate, Life Path/Purpose, Clairvoyant Health Scan, Crossed-over Family, Names of Guides and Archangel!
Dr. Fuji / ACIGI208A Dream World of Health & Spirit
Ecopolitan Holistic Skin Clinic541Skin Growth & Blemish RemovalDon't wait until something appears cancerous or risky! PREVENT Melanomas!!! Holistic approach of SKIN GROWTHS & BLEMISHES of all types. Free inspection at Booth #541
Elegant Crystals407Crystals, Citrine, Balls & Clusters
Energy Tools International - VFT443Energy-Enhanced Products & ServicesETI's mission is to improve life by continually revolutionizing our connection with energy. Through technology, we deliver scientific-proven energetic products and services worldwide.
Essential Oxygen427Innovative Organic Oral Care
European Psychic Lai247Medium, Psychic, Pets, Past Lives
Everything Tibetan253Tibetan Jewelry and Meditation Supplies
Farm Fresh To You522 ( kacelia)233Feel Better in 10 minutes, No BullSelf-treatment system that reforms your posture, aligns your spine, and tractions discs & pinched nerves. Relieve pain, increase ROM, and more. Free exam and demonstration.
FM's Aromatherapy403Aromatherapy & Chakra Healing OilsAromatherapy, rare oils: Rose, Jasmine, Blue, White, Pink Lotus etc. Chakra Healing Oils, Crystals, Wands, Books, Posters, CD's, Aromatherapy, Lymph drainage & Chakra Healing, Workshops Sessions.
Gail Thackray502Medium/healer, John of God crystals
Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute432Classes, Tables, CDs, Instruments
Good On Ya Organic Hair & Skin Care343Organic Manuka Honey Hair/Skin Care
Gorgeous GoddessWear503Feel Like a Goddess in GoddessWear!
Hands On Healing Psychic Love Advice304Psychic Crystal Chakra Aura Energy
Happy Science Temple353Love, Enlightenment and Utopia
Hawaiian Moon322Organic Aloe Cream
Health and Beauty Connection411Whole Body Vibrations machines
Health Secrets USA323All Natural Health Supplements
Healthy Chick / Compassion Circle433Healthy Chick organic skincare
Hearts Center Community330Keys for Greater Spiritual Mastery
Herbal Veda405
HighChi Energy Jewelry452High Vibe Jewelry to Protect You!
Himalayan Harmony Salt246Salt Lamp
HIO Chiropractic302Free Neck and Back Check Up
HOLOS Amulets=Love, Peace, & Unity217HOLOS Amulet Sculptures and Jewelry
Hubbard Dianetics Foundation430Hubbard Dianetics FoundationA breakthrough discovery can improve relationships make you more successful at work, and happier at home. New York Times bestselling self-help book on the mind.
IAC - International Academy of Consciousness513Astral Travel & Spiritual GrowthSpiritual Evolution through Out-of-Body Experiences
Imperfect Produce534Produce company with a Mission
Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.517Books for the Body, Mind & Spirit
John of God Crystal Light Bed204John of God Crystal Bed SessionJohn of God Crystal Light Bed Therapy ~Nourish your soul, cleanse and bring balance into your energetic field, improve your concentration, focus and clarity.
Joseph Ernest Martin - Master Psychic250Psychic, TV Host, Intern. Author
JP Trading545Mini Back Massager
Kala Imports Singing Bowls222Singing Bowls, Crystals, ClothingSinging Bowl, Jewelry, Clothing, Incense, Crystals and Scarves.
Mostly Handmade and Fair Traded
Kate King Jewelry223Vibrational Jewelry
Kate Miller and Paul Miller251Channeled Readings, Author/Teacher
KEST 1450 Radio306KEST 1450 AM Radio, San Francisco
Kimi Avary, Relationship Navigation329Tools for a Lifetime of LoveStruggling to find love or keep the love you've found? Visit for a Complimentary Love Assessment to learn what you can do to master Love.
La Vie Wellness in a Bottle352
Language of Space514Feng Shui, Personal Growth, Beauty Care
Laughing Goddess321Beautiful Easy Wear Clothing
Light Alkemi342Alchemy lightPowerful alchemy light for meditation, enhancing health, wellness, peak performance.
Reduces stress, improves sleep and clarity
Helps accelerates raising consciousness
Light For Your Journey216Readings, Healing, Inspiration.
Light Infusion Healing Chamber232Energetic Light Code Body Infusion
Live Pine- Pine & Fermented Power507Pine Needle Wild Crafted
Living Qigong & Taiji with Gideon Enz249Taiji & Qigong Treatments/Training
Magical Readings203Numerology, Palm + Destiny Readings
Master Sha Tao Healing Center414Experience Soul Healing
Mer D'or337Anti Aging Skincare.
All Natural
Millennium Products526EMF Protection
Mineral Treasure - Healing Gemstones237Healing Crystals, Gems, FossilsMetaphysical gemstones, crystals, minerals, fossils. Gemstone healing energy descriptions and recommendations. Mining and gem cutting experience and practices.
Moringa Light Energy548Moringa Products
Northern California BodyTalk303BodyMind Healing, Free Mini-Treatments
Ola Loa Products315Ola Loa Health Products
OM Botanical Best Natural Skin Care347
Original Bio-Mat415Free Bio-Mat Sessions
Original Design - Creative Encounters202Unveil The Masterpiece You Are
Psychic Readings By Isabella439Palm,Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings
Raw Revelations523Nutrition in its Purest Form
Relax Saunas of Momentum98.com509Relax Far Infrared Light SaunasThe Most effective efficient Far Infrared Sauna. 30-second heat-up. Complete sweat in 20 minutes. 500 testimonies on YouTube. Like Being in presence of Chi-gong master.
River of Light Massage Healing Arts231Mind-Body Massage Energy Healing
Rolfing 447Rolfing Structural Bodywork
Sacred Geometry Jewelry442Sacred Geometry Jewelry
Sacred Spiral317Clothing, Accessories & Jewelry
Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom508Non-Toxic Organic Mattresses!
Scalarwave Lasers243
Share International Magazine410The World Teacher is nNow Here!Hope is in our midst. UFOs herald emergence of the World Teacher for all humanity. See compelling world- wide signs that a New Era is dawning.
Shimano E-Bike Test Ride505Shimano Steps Electric BikeShimano STEPS electric bike test ride
Silk Art Creations Gallery Jenwah1
Sirius: Ascended Masters' Messages220Books on Ascended Masters' Messages
Snelling Total Wellness314Holistic Natural Healthcare
Soul Currents453Sharing crystal healing energies
Spice Pharm Inc446
Sun For Your Soul345Spiritual Healing
Susan Marsh235Angel Art Gallery - Geotran
Tae Eul Meditation547Members will demonstrate meditation - Dr Tim O'Shea
Ugly Juice534With Imperfect Produce
Unarius Educational Foundation227Spiritual School: Books, DVDs, & More
Vedic Readings & Healings by Ushaji334Vedic Clairvoyant & Medium Channeler
Vibes Up327Vibrational Energy
Vibrant Health with Becky Chambers531Whole Body Vibration & Homeopathy
VitaClay435Smart Organic Slow and Rice Cooker
VitaJuwel Co242GemWater Accessories w/ Real Gems
Wanda Pratnicka, PhD.551Entity ClearingWanda Pratnicka, PhD. Psychologist (M.A), Parapsychologist, Exorcist and Bestselling Author. Over the past 45 years has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide.
WaterWorks4U552Hydrogen Water Ionizers for produces Infinity Hydrogen Water Ionizers, Dechlorinating shower filters, Whole house filters, Alkaline Hydrogen water pitchers, Alkaline hydrogen sticks, EMF stickers, pH testers and products
Watkins Publishing Company402Metaphysical Books & Media
WBWC, LLC/Personal Infrared Sauna229Ultimate Personal Infrared Saunas